Press Play Speech is a platform that provides resources, education, inspiration, tips and tools for fine tuning your child's communication development. 

Founded by Dianna Cook, a full-time pediatric speech and language pathologist, her passion lies in creating resources and enriching communication between caregiver and child.  Dianna resides in Dallas, TX and enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her husband and two children. 

Since becoming a speech and language pathologist in 2019, Dianna has assisted hundreds of families, teachers, caregivers and their children with  individualized communication goals through planning, one-on-one coaching and digital resources. Dianna remains active in professional development and leadership with The American Speech Hearing Association. She finds continual fulfillment in helping families succeed and reach their goals, while sharing her personal life experiences along the way.

My greatest joy is being able to exercise my creativity. I aim to treat my clients like fine artultimately fine tuning how they choose to express themselves. I truly enjoy watching children discover their endless communication abilities.